Penomet Water Penis Pump

Penomet is the most technologically advanced water penis pump that takes market by the storm. No doubt, you’ve heard of penis pumps before, but you are still not quite sure will they help you to increase penis size?

Penomet Water Penis PumpI will tell you right now, most pumps that use air to make the pressure are extremely dangerous as they can make harm to your penis.

On the other hand, water based pumps such as Penomet are 100% effective and safe way to gain size, treat penile curvature, boost stamina, and solve the problem of premature ejaculation without the risk of injury.

Read bellow about main benefits of using this water penis pump:

Harder erections and more intense orgasms – Using this pump before sex will help you achieve a fuller erection.

Visible difference in size immediately after you use it – This hydro pump really makes the penis look much bigger, thicker and heavier.

Useful treatment for penile curvature – Indeed it is, but do not expect fast results

Gain up to 3 inches in length and up to 30% increase in girth – After regular use of this device.

The cylinder is made of high quality polycarbonate plastic and the gaiters are made of medical grade silicon – The device is very resilient and almost unbreakable!

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How to use Penomet device?

At first sight this penis extender device looks just like any other penile pump, only without tubes or external pumping mechanism. Instead it uses water inside the cylinder as a way of growing the penile tissue in a safe and natural manner.

While having a bath or shower, put water into the cylinder, slide your penis into the tube, and pull it back towards you in order to produce a vacuum inside. The penis is slowly forced to fill the space of the displaced water, each chamber of the penis is filled with blood and it becomes visibly larger. After several months and with regular use, this water based pump will produce permanent gains in both girth and length.

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The Penomet water penis pump was projected with the main idea that with the correct level of force, the penile tissues will be forced to grow slightly, adding inches effortlessly. Using this pump is really easy and simple and I personally like it because there is a minimal compression force that provides excellent gains.

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What makes Penomet hydro penis pump unique?

Penomet is really so much different compared to similar water pumps! It offers 5 different gaiters that are designed for different size penises. Basically you get 5 products in one package!

The gaiters are the silicon pieces that fit at the base of the tube. Each of the gaiters are created to produce a different pressure which is necessary for stimulating permanent growth. Most pumps only have one gaiter which limits the outcomes and you have to use such devices for longer time to achieve the beneficial results.

Standard Penomet comes with 3 gaiters (Force 60, 70, 75) and advanced option has two additional gaiters with Force 75 and 80; the higher the number, the more force that’s created. The gaiter ensures a balance of compression so that the penis will not be forced into dangerous pressure zones.


With the standard air pumps, the pressure is not kept consistently, so the penile tissues does not enlarge at the same rate as the pressure will permit. Using the hydro system with gaiters allows you to accomplish maximum outcomes completely naturally and without discomfort. You will actually enjoy using this device; you will use it often and therefore get faster results.

Penomet should not be classified as a regular pump since it does not depend solely on vacuum to create gains. This is an innovative water vacuum system and is a completely safe alternative to the traditional devices.

It is an award winning hydro pump as it was recognized in 2013 as the world’s Best Male Enhancement Product and won the Venus Award.

Penomet is the highest quality product that offers to its users premium results. The manufactures provide 60 day money back guarantee and 1, 2 or 3 year warranty depending of selected package and shipping and billing is 100% discreet.

At the moment there is a discount campaign on the official website so you can save up to 35% of retail price.

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