ProExtender System Review

Natural Gains With The ProExtender System

If you are not sure what the ProExtender System is all about, you have come to the right place. To put it briefly, this effective system is a penis enlargement method that includes an extender device, set of exercises and pills. It is manufactured to offer gentle non-harmful and painless stretching to the penis.

It fastens around the base of the penis and around the penile head, and has a fully adjustable traction tool in between. When you slowly and gradually increase the longitudinal force on the shaft of the penis, the body’s natural reaction is multiplication of tissue cells and the penis gradually and naturally adds tissue for a larger and longer dimensions.

Proextender system reviewWhy we like this device:

  • Increase your penis size naturally
  • More powerful, longer-lasting erections
  • Better ejaculation control
  • Correction of penis curvature
  • Clinically proven
  • CE Certified
  • No dangerous side effects
  • Money back guarantee (187 days)

The whole package includes following elements that work in synergy to provide you best final results possible:

Pro Extender Device: Invented by a specialist in Plastic Surgery, this device applies moderate force on the penis that assists in permanent growth of penile tissue.

VigRX pills: The next element of this enlargement system is VigRX Plus enhancement pills that have been proven to be helpful natural supplement for improving overall penis health.

Semenax pills: Another natural supplement that can increase your semen volume by up to 5 times.

“For Men Only” CD: Great collection of penis exercises. They come with comprehensive instructions that make them easy to use.

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How Does It Work?

This penis extender closes around the base of the penis and around the glans and has an adjustable traction system in between. As you little by little increase the traction force on the shaft of the penis, your organism naturally responds with the multiplication of cells and steady growth of the penile tissue.

before and after pics

Pro Extender was tested in Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery at the international interdisciplinary symposium, in 1998 at Spain in an important research called “Tractive Elongation of the Penis by means of stretching.”

Proextender results

You can see the results in the first couple months, with growing results with the time. Medical experts have found that this device is really helpful. Even many doctors recommend their patients to use ProExtender system.

After continual daily usage, most people start to experience first results in as little as 8-10 weeks. It is good to know that you should be determined and persistent with this system in order for it to work. As with all other enlargement methods, results do not happen overnight, so you must using it for at least several months.

This system has been on the market for 17 years, at the beginning only in European countries, and now is also presented in other parts of the world.

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Is It Safe To Use?

Proextender system is not known to have any dangerous side effects. Its track record shows no big complaints by its past and present users. The only side effect the device might have is the inconvenience and discomfort. This is because it uses an old style noose so you may feel uncomfortable when you are wearing this device.

After testing various enlargement devices, I can say Sizegenetics extender was one I found to be far more comfortable to wear, because it has an innovative 58 way comfort system that guarantees complete comfort and best results when using it.

Where to buy ProExtender system?

It is best to buy Proextender system from its official website.

180 day moneybackYou can use the this system for 6 months and you are not entirely satisfied simply return the whole system within 187 days of receiving your order (6 month trial + one week return shipping).

You will back your investment minus shipping and handling fees.

It comes as a proven to work and trustworthy device, but seems that the company doesn’t fit the current scene because of the high cost ($429.95) and lack of comfort. However, Proextender system is a reliable product and there are lot of men who are fully satisfied with it.

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